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Completed Size: for tablecloth is 54 x 68" This motif can also before single size bedspread-16 x 24 motifs. for double size bedspread make 20 x 24 motifs.

Model Made by Shirley Guess and Donated to CP's library 12/96

S's notes: This is obviously just one motif! I didn't make the entire tablecloth. If anyone does, please let me know ( I'll gladly replace this picture with a picture of your tablecloth
I made this motif out of Lustersheen because I wanted something thicker to put under a plant or for a pillow. Since Lustersheen is equivalent to sport weight, the motif was much larger than the original pattern. It worked up into a 12 in square. sg


Shell (sh): All in chain 2 space, make 2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc. sh over sh means s shell over shell
GAUGE: each motif=4 1/2" square




start at center, ch10. join with sl st to form ring


1st rnd:ch3, 23dc in ring, sl st in 3rd ch of ch3


2nd rnd:ch6, *skip 1dc, dc in next dc, ch3. rep rnd, sl st in 3rd ch of ch6-12 sps


3rd rnd:sl st in next ch, sc in sp (ch7, sc in next sp)11 times, ch3, tr in first sc


4th rnd:sc in loop just made, *ch7, sc in net loop, ch2, 12 tr in next loop, ch2, sc in next loop. rep rnd, join


5th rnd:sl st in next 2ch of ch7 loop, ch3, in same loop make dc, ch2 and 2dc(shell); *(tr in next tr, ch1)11times, tr in next tr, in next ch7 loop make 2dc, ch2 and 2dc(shell). rep from * rnd. join


6th rnd:sl st in next dc and in sp, ch3, in same sp make dc, (ch2,2dc)twice; *ch4, sc in next ch1sp *ch3, sc in next sp)10times, ch4, in sp of net shell make (2dc, ch2)twice and 2dc. rep rnd, join


7th rnd:sl st in next dc and in sp, ch3, in same sp make dc, ch2 and 2dc;shell in next sp, *ch4, sc in next ch3 loop, (ch3, sc in next loop)9times, ch4, shell in next two ch2sps. rep rnd. Join




1st row: sl st across to sp of 2nd shell, ch3, in same sp make dc, ch2 and 2dc; ch4, sc in next ch3 loop, (ch3, sc in next loop)8times, ch4, shell over shell, ch5, turn


2nd row:sh over sh, ch4, sc in next ch3 loop (ch3, sc in next loop)7times, ch4, sh over sh, ch5, turn. Work in this manner, having 1 ch-3 loop less on each row 'til 1 loop rems. ch5, turn


next row:sh over sh, ch4, sc in ch3 loop, ch4, 2dc in next shell, ch1, sl st in sp of last shell, ch1, 2dc in same place as last 2dc. break off



SECOND PINEAPPLE:with Right Side facing, attach thread to sp of next shell, ch3 and complete as for first pineapple


3rd & 4th pineapples:work as for 2nd pineapple

Now work all around outer edges as follows: attach thread to turning ch5 loop preceding joining of shells at tip of pineapple, (ch15, sc in next turn ch loop, ch7, sc in next loop, ch7, dc in next loop, (ch7, tr in next loop)twice, ch7, dc in next loop, (ch7, sc in next loop)twice, rep rnd. join


2nd motif:work as for first motif til all 4 pineapples are done


last rnd:attach thread to loop preceding join of shells at tip of pineapple, ch7, sl st in corner ch15 loop on first motif, ch7, sc in next ch5 loop on 2nd motif, ch3, sc in next ch7 loop on first motif, ch3, sc in next ch5 loop on 2nd motif. Continue as for last rnd of first motif, join to ch7 loops of first motif as before til seven ch7 loops are joined. ch7, sl st in ch15 loop of first motif, ch7, and complete as for first motif-no more joinings make 12 rows of 15 motifs, join adjacent sides as 2nd motif was joined to first motif-but do not work the last rnd on outside edge of outer motifs.

Pattern Edited Shirley Guess 9/96 (CP pat 52.)

**NB This pattern originally appeared in the Pineapple Fanfair Book by Clark ONT1950. Donated by S. Guess


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