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Janice's Custom Cap

Original design by Janice Soderberg

posted at CP library with permission (4/96)

Edited by S. Guess

DESIGNER'S NOTES: This pattern is a basic cap formula. Therefore, you can vary it to suit your own needs. You can change the hat by adding stripes of color or another yarn, like Mohair or a Boucle For texture. Try crocheting through only the inside loop for a ribbed texture.

The size of your yarn and hook will affect the way your hat looks. If it looks ruffly, start with fewer than 9 stitches or try a smaller hook. If it starts to form a cone, use more than nine stitches or try a larger hook.

about 4oz of yarn to make a hat
Hook size depends on type of yarn

Starting with the center top of the hat, chain 5. Join the chain with a slip stitch so that you have a ring. Chain 2 and count this as your first stitch.

Row 1: work 9 stitches in the ring. (I like to work hats in half double crochet, but you can use single or double depending on the yarn and what effect you want to achieve--JS) Join last stitch to first with a slip stitch and chain 2. This is the first stitch of row 2

Row 2: Work one stitch in same stitch as joining, then 2 stitches in each stitch around. Join to top of chain 2.

Row 3: Chain 2, one stitch in first stitch, two stitches in the next stitch (Increase by one stitch every other stitch. Do this all the way around) join as in row 1.

Row 4: Chain 2, crochet around Making 2 stitches in every 3rd stitch (increase made), one stitch in the stitches in between. Join to top of chain 2

Row 5: Chain 2, increase every 4th stitch, Join to the top of chain 2

End All rows by joining to the top of chain 2

Row 6: increase every 5th stitch.

NOTE: You can measure your head around the widest part. Take the number of inches around your head and divide by about 3. This will give you the diameter of your hat top. Just measure the top across and stop increasing when it's big enough. With some practice, you'll be able to tell by eye when the hat is big enough.

When the top is the right size, stop increases. Instead continue in a straight stitch (making a tube shape) until hat just covers your ears.

For Brim:
Turn your work so that the right side of your stitches are on the inside of your hat. Going around in the opposite direction, crochet at least four rows or desired length for brim. When you think the brim is long enough, end with a slip stitch, cut off the yarn leaving a tail about two inches long and weave this tail into the hat so it doesn't show.


NOTE: This pattern is for personal use only. Please don't post it in any form without designer's express permission. This is an original design by Janice Soderberg and is posted at the CP Pattern Library with permission.

Please direct reprint requests to designer at (The designer's address was valid when this pattern was posted. If it is no longer valid, please check one of the internet search engines for an updated address.)



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