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ASN AngelTHE ULTIMATE BOOK OF ANGELS --- Reviewed by Sharon Blosch

8 thread crochet designs by Jane Espinoza
American School of Needlework
57 pages $9.50 #1244

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**photo used with publisher's permission

There are two things that I particularly like about this book:

#1--Each angel has a different hairstyle and there's a page of "Hairstyling Instructions." The instructions are general, but the next page has close-up photos of each angel head with the statement "Use these hairstyling photographs as guides to possible hairstyles for your angels". Nice touch!

#2--Each angel has a name! They are Angels of Charity, Patience, Glory, Salvation, Guidance, Touch, Light, and Virtue.

I found myself thinking of people to give these to based on the name of the angel and how it applied to the person. That was fun!

The book laid out well. Each pattern has a full-page picture of the finished angel as well as smaller photos of the wings and haloes AND a back view of how they look when attached! Very helpful.

Each pattern is very distinctive. While the stitches used are very familiar, the angels look very different from one another.

I am making the Angel of Guidance and the instructions have been very clear and easy to follow.

In general, this is a book worth having. It has a nice variety of patterns that I think could be tackled by an advanced beginner. The publisher has paid attention to detail and it shows.

Reviewed by Sharon Blosch for Crochet Partners 11/97 (c)


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