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asn KitFOR THE KITCHEN Reviewed by Patti Fix
Designers: Kelly Robinson & Sandy Scoville
Published by the American School of Needlework
32 Pages $6.50 Order 1248

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Photo above from pattern pamphlet and used with publisher's permission

This collection features placemats, rugs, napkin rings, cup cozies, potholders, washcloths, towel toppers, coasters, and aprons made from bath towels.

Though I've seen dozens of patterns for some items in this booklet, the apron is a new one to me. This particular pattern promotes making a gift for a friend because each towel makes two aprons.

The two coordinated designs are roses and daisies. You can outfit your kitchen in one motif or the other. I think this book can be especially useful because the daisy can be altered to a sunflower simply by switching from yellow and white yarn to brown and yellow yarn.

I made the Rose Apron from half a bath towel. My kitchen colors are already established, so I chose a towel and yarn to coordinate with them. I used an off-white towel that had hunter green stripes. I used hunter green yarn to work the apron top. I left off the flower embellishments and the pocket.

There is a lot of counting with this pattern but I had no problem following the clear instructions.

I had the dumb fortune to select a striped towel to work with -- this made it easier to space the number of stitches required across the length of the towel.

Some of the items are beginner level, but most of them are intermediate level. There are a lot of nice color pictures on the cover and there is a black and white picture with each pattern.

Patti Fix


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