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Patterns In Depth -
A Monthly Feature at Crochet Partners

Written by Columnist Mary Lind for Crochet Partners

Issue #1 December 1997

The nosegay pictured below was made by the columnist

Victorian Thread Ornaments
Designed by Anne Halliday
(Leisure Arts #2548)

"Victorian Thread Ornaments" is a collection of simple yet elegant Christmas ornaments crocheted with ecru, rose, and spruce green thread. Since they are pastel colored, these ornaments won't have to be put away when the holiday tree comes down.

What makes these patterns different from other Victorian ornaments that I've made is that each item (except the snowflake) is appliqued with tiny crocheted flowers and leaves. The floral appliques are simple to crochet, yet very decorative.

Because of their simplicity, these patterns would be appropriate for someone who wants to make the transition from yarn to thread crochet.

I crocheted this Nosegay using Coat's Luster Sheen, a sport-weight acrylic, which is a thicker thread than the Cotton #10 that was suggested in the pattern. (I cheated a little and attached my appliques with a glue gun instead of sewing them on. I also didn't weave the ribbon around the doily base.)

This Model was crocheted by Mary, using the nosegay pattern.

This leaflet includes patterns for: two wreaths, a tasseled ball, a potpourri pouch, a candy cane, a snowflake, a stocking, an icicle, a nosegay, a basket, and a heart.

Mary Lind 1997

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