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AFGHAN TREASURES --Review by J. Barrett
all designs by Ann Kirtley
American School of Needlework
Order through ASN inc.Consumer Division/1455 Linda Vista Drive/San Marcos, CA 92069/
Or phone their 1-800 number 1-800-379-9627

Although the patterns look easy enough, I think it's the edgings that fascinated me---so much so---that I checked them out before looking at the pattern rows.

The Borders

Opulence Features has what appears to be diamonds all around the edge--- big ones, very lacy looking. Looks great in white.

The Gothic Jewel features advanced stitches such as clusters, 2dc cluster and puff stitches. The edgings forms triangles with a bunched up part between them. They resemble a flowers petal to me.

The Golden Touch afghan looks like little popcorns but the stitch says to use the back loops only. So, there are no hard popcorn stitches to learn. The white afghan with a gold border really gives this afghan a golden touch.


All the afghans are smaller than what I'm used to working on. They are 35-39" x 52-54". All use a repeat pattern of 2-3 rows for the main part of the afghan. Most of the border rounds total 8 in all for each afghan. All use regular knitting worsted weight yarns about 36 oz per afghan.

I usually try to make up a swatch from the patterns to see if it's something I can use in my baby layettes for the navy charity.

This Knit/Crochet Pamphlet is better than other patterns in the same general category. One reason I say this is because of the 5 afghans in this pamphlet three are crochet and two are knit. Often these types of pamphlets concentrate on only one catagory.

If you knit and crochet a Recommended Buy, otherwise 'share with a friend'

Posted to CP's Page 4/97. Reviewed by J. Barrett (