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CROCHET FASHION DOLL ANGELS-- Review by: Merryann Palmer
DOLL SIZE 11-1/2 inches
Pamphlet #1235 Designer: Jane Espinoza
American School of Needlework
Price: $4.95


Angels. I think they are bigger now than at any time since the early days of Christianity. We love them. Some of us have collections consisting of nothing but angels, others only pick up an occasional one that tugs the heart strings just right.

This set of five angel outfits for the 11 1/2 in. fashion doll will charm everyone who has ever thought about making a crocheted angel.

After all, we have had patterns for 'Christmas angels' for years, and have several sets of patterns for clothespins and other simple angels. Now, we who just love that certain fashion doll have a set of our own!

The instructions are well done and clear. The blocking and stiffening instructions are equally well-written.

Pattern Stitches are Interchangeable:

The patterns themselves consist of four parts for each costume. Each is designed using the same stitch throughout the ensemble, but you could easily mix and match them if you so desired - say the gown from one, the wings from another, and the cape from yet another. The halo can come from any of them as well.

The designs are all shown in white, but if you think that the Angel of Joy would look prettier in pink (or turquoise, for that matter), then go ahead and use the color you prefer.

I would classify these patterns as requiring some experience in crochet, probably an intermediate crocheter. The blocking/stiffening may take more than one try if the person is a novice in that area, but it would be well worth the trouble.

Posted to CP's Page 4/97. Reviewed by Merryann Palmer (