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A DOZEN RAPID-RIPPLE DISHCLOTHS -- Review by Bobbie Connolly
(designs for cotton yarn)
American School of Needlework
by Mary Ann Frits
C. 1997 17 pages

The front and back cover of this publication depict very bright, eye-catching designs for dishcloths. It's fairly easy to follow the directions for any of the twelve patterns offered as they are all in the ripple design. There are no fancy stitches or hidden surprises in any of them which is nice to know if you just plan to whip out a dishcloth or two when you have a little time on your hand.

Most of the patterns are very similar in design - variations on a ripple design aren't that easy to do! You'll find one ripple using all the same yarn for one design, but the rest use at least two colors of yarn if not three. And again the majority of the designs are the same - zig zag - with an exception called White Caps - which depicts waves on the ocean and is more free form.

You'll find a popcorn stitch thrown in for a nice effect on the Pleasure Pearls and Ocean Waves designs. And you always have the option of experimenting with different colors to create your own effect or to customize for that special gift.

This pamphlet gives you all the information needed, including abbreviations, stitches used and the yarn recommendation. I would suggest sharing the cost with a friend only because the patterns are based on the same idea.. Dishcloths are always welcome gifts and easy to make so this would be a very nice book to have on hand.

Posted to CP's Page 4/97. Reviewed by Bobbie Connolly (