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Animal Doorstops---------- Reviewed by Denise Dennett
#879605 from Annie's Attic,
designed by Cynthia Harris
(12 pages, color covers), $5.95

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You may need to work with a friend to decipher the instructions too!

Gauge isn't consistent. After a disastrous attempt at making the cow, Denise said she made an adorable teddy bear.

This leaflet contains patterns for a bear, bunny, cat, cow, and elephant that use a gallon milk/water jug filled with sand (I used kitty litter). The patterns are intriguing and adorable. They all require additional supplies besides the yarn and jug: felt for eyes, and other decorative trinkets.

This booklet provides unique patterns that are very interesting, however, the instructions have several problems that you might need teamwork to overcome. The leaflet should indicate that this is definitely NOT a pattern for beginners.

BEWARE: These are BIG doorstops. They stand a foot tall, and bigger than that around. I'm still trying to figure out where to stick mine when not in use.

Gauge isn't Consistent.
I made the teddy bear (without the honey pot) after a disastrous attempt at making the cow. I had no problem following the directions for the bear and he came out adorable. So what made the cow such a disaster? Gauge.

The pattern lists 3 sts=1" as the gauge, and I very carefully measured every few rows to make sure I was still on gauge. When it came time to insert the jug, however, it wouldn't fit (cow too small). I pushed and shoved and finally got it in, with a bit of denting. I could not undent the jug, and when I filled it, it just toppled over.

Denise Changed Hook Size: When making the bear, I used a larger hook (used N, pattern calls for K) and my gauge was 3 sts=1 1/4". This gauge worked perfectly.

Decreasing Stitches:. The cow pattern listed how many stitches were in black, how many white, etc. in each round (the cow has black spots). The basic animal just gives you the number of stitches per round. For example, the number of black and white stitches might add up to 40, but the basic pattern lists the count as 32. That's because the cow part of the pattern counted each decrease as 2 stitches. OK, I figured that out, but when I got to the head, they switched!! Each decrease in both the cow and basic counted as one stitch. Consistency, please!!

I'm planning on making the elephant (he's got an armful of peanuts) and stuffing with stuffing instead of the jug. He'll make a great stuffed animal!

Reviewed by Denise Dennett for Crochet Partners. 7/97

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