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Beautiful Baby Blankets----Reviewed by Diana Sacco
7 afghans from House of White Birches
(This leaflet specified no leaflet number or price)

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  • A Recommended buy
  • Designs were varied
  • Most Instructions are Easy to Follow

I crocheted an afghan called Delicate Fans for a friend's new baby. It worked up quickly, and the directions were easy to follow. It also measured correctly with the book's instructions.

Color photos of the afghans are on the outside of the pamphlet, with black and white photos inside. The black and white photos are more fuzzy.

  • One drawback with this is that you may need to flip back & forth to the colored pictures on the covers to see a detailed view of the afghan you're making.

The leaflet has a nice variety of designs, which would almost guarantee that there is something for everyone! Four of the seven afghans are listed as beginner, two are intermediate, and one is noted advanced beginner.

This is a pamphlet I will turn to again to plan my next baby afghan.

Reviewed by Diana Sacco for Crochet Partners 7/97

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