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PEACHES AND CREAM-- Review by Bekkilyn

An Annie's Attic Publication Copyright 1996
(18 pages, softcover pattern leaflet)
Designed by Karin Strom

  • Recommended Buy
  • Instructions relatively error free. See reviewer's correction on one error.

Bekki's Review: When I first spotted the Peaches & Cream Bedroom leaflet, it screamed out, "Thread crochet!" The projects appeared so very pretty and lacelike, they won me at that instant. I just had to do those projects! But imagine my surprise, and then my delight, when I discovered the projects were not of thread, but instead were of worsted weight yarn. Now, I do love thread crochet but I also love yarn, and this leaflet seemed to provide the best of both at once.

After calming down a bit, I thought that the projects would be excellent for those who like the delicate look of thread crochet, but are not (or not yet) comfortable with the smaller hooks and fibers that thread work requires. Of course, any crocheter of any ilk can find enjoyment in these projects. Other coordinating colors besides peach and cream also work up well so go ahead and experiment. Just because the leaflet has 'peaches & cream' in the title does not mean that one is obligated to only use those colors.

In general, the crochet instructions were clear and relatively error-free.
There was one area of instruction in the 4" x 8" Sachet Bag (Side #1 Row 1) in which it says to fasten off at the end of that row. It's much better to treat this fasten off as an error (and I am fairly certain it is indeed an error) and ignore doing it. Otherwise, the crocheter will need to re-join yarn with a single crochet in the same joining off stitch before going on instead of chaining one as the next row instruction indicates. Though it will not create a major problem to fasten off there, it seems a wasted effort to do so.

One last detail that might prove problematical, particularly to those who are not very familiar with projects that require piecing together after crocheting the various parts, is that the assembly instructions are not as clear as they could be. People interpret words and phrases in many different ways. Though the assembly instructions are accurate, I would have loved some diagrams to go with the instructions to show exactly how the pieces were to fit together. I found myself feeling glad that I had had some earlier experience with similar crochet projects, since I could then better determine the intent of the assembly instructions.

  • Despite the minor glitches I noted above, I recommend Peaches & Cream Bedroom. The individual projects are beautiful and do not take a very long time to complete.

I enjoyed the time I spent on these projects and believe that others will receive similar pleasure in crocheting them.

Reviewed by Bekkilyn for Crochet Partners


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