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BABY AFGHANS PLUS Reviewed by Debi Patron
#8789714 Annie's Attic
Various Designers 1996
5.95 plus postage. Ordering Info Below

I admit it: I am a sucker for baby stuff, but it took me a while to make up my mind if I wanted this booklet. The front cover is exquisite, with teddy bears (boy and girl) and matching blankets. The back cover left me wondering: the others patterns either did not demand my attention or are simply not something I would like to make. But it was the Bib and Building Blocks Baby Afghan that won me over

Three of the items in the booklet have little people in pajamas (the Door Knobbie, the Bottle Cover and the Baby Wipes Cover) which, though cute, may be cumbersome to make. Personally, I would make them separate as a toy or into a mobile. If made as shown, they can only be used in the house due to the protruding dolls.

Some of the patterns are worth it, some are not, so after much thought, I say use your imagination, common sense and go halfsies with a friend.

Reviewed by Debi Patron ( for Crochet Partners and Posted 2/97

Order info: Call Annie's Attic to order or request a catalog. Their numer is 1-800 582-6643.