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CROCHETED ANGEL BELLS --Review by J. Barrett
From Annie's Attic #879711 1996

I am not really an angel freak, but my mom is so I'm always on the lookout for new angel patterns. I usually give her an angel gift for every special holiday throughout the year. These would fit right in. With all the embellishments--jingle bell, flowers, porcelain heads, satin ribbons, ribbon roses, beads, tulle, cross charm, and a heart charm -- they are a very elegant.

Although working up these pattern sets can get expensive due to the adornments, they are worth it to me.

These Crochet Angel Bells look very elegant and come in a multiple of sizes and shapes. This set has both crocheted halos and sleeves, which I've not often found in the older pattern sets. One angel has a basket, the others all look very elegant too---just right for a wedding or bridal shower decoration.

The pamphlet comes with the basic instructions page then goes into more detail for each of the 7 angels. All instructions start out with the gown/dress at the neck so you could always make it longer/larger or shorter. There is also a page that describes how to do the non-basic stitches. All the stitches are sc, hdc, dc, and a tr & use a different way of combining them to do decreases and increases.

This pamphlet is suitable for the intermediate crocheter.

Posted to CP's Page 5/97. Reviewed by J. Barrett (