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Leisure Arts Leaflet #2611

I recommend this set for beginners who are ready to try crocheting with thread. In particular, coasters #1, 3 and 4 are perfect for beginners.

  • The instructions are very easy to follow. With the clear and colorful pictures, though, experienced crocheters could almost make them without the instructions!

  • It also gives you a selection of different brands of thread that can be used with good results.

  • If you're an experienced crocheter and like to see results quickly, you could whip up a couple (or more, if you're a fast crocheter) in one evening. Make up a set of these coasters for a quick birthday, house-warming or wedding gift!

    These coasters could be made to match any decor: For a country setting, they could be made in soft colors. For a very elegant Victorian setting they could be made in classic white, ecru or taupe. If done in bright primary colors they could be used as mini-doilies in a child's room.

    Most of the coasters in this pamphlet are round. However there are patterns for a star-shaped, a pineapple-shaped, and a squarish one. There are several picot-edged ones too.

    I'm sure that most of us could also find a complimentary doily pattern in our archives that would match many of the designs, i.e., pineapple, star, flower, picots, swirl, etc., and be able to have a matching set. #### Reviewed by Lorna Halnan for Crochet Partners 3/96