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Introductory Note: The Needlecraft Shop offers a mail order afghan series. You receive your first set of patterns at a reduced cost, and they throw in a free set of binder dividers. Once they've hooked you, they send you two new afghan collections every couple of months. When/if you decide to buy them, they cost 9.95 (plus p/h) for each six pattern collection. Once you've begun ordering the patterns you receive a free three ring binder for storing your patterns.

Up to this point the Needlecraft Shop's Afghan Collector's Series sounds very much like a book-of-the-month club. But, there's a big difference: You always get to review the afghan collections, for a period of time, before you purchase them.--ssg

See what CP Reviewer J. Barrett has to say about this series.

The Needlecraft Shop --Pattern Series
23 Old Pecan Road
Big Sandy TX 75755-9902
To Order call: 1-903-636-4000

Cost 9.95 (plus p/h) per 6 afghan set

These sets of afghans are a treasure. They are color coded if you wish to organize them that way or as categories which include: take along blocks, ripple sensations, mile a minute wonders, 1 piece classics, 12 hour time savers, baby love, aran heirlooms, thrifty scraps, country at heart, Victorian elegance, quilt look favorites, and granny square traditions.

There is something for everyone in the selections.

Of the patterns I quickly scanned they use regular knitting worsted weight yarn and the directions for most of them are a repeat of 2-3 rows making it easier to follow.

There are some longer harder ones-repeats of 24 rows that are really detailed.

The patterns are on the backside of the full color photo, and they have the size, materials needed, gauge, any stitch notes, and skill level before it gets into the actual pattern. The font size on these is also at least an 11, making it easier on my eyes to follow along.

There are so many to consider it's hard to pick a favorite. If I have to, though, I'll lean more towards the aran ones. Using different materials, I can make the baby sized ripple ones for navy relief charity.

Reviewed by J. Barrett ( ) for Crochet Partners 5/96