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CROCHET COLLECTION----Review by Bekki Lyn
A Leisure Arts/Oxmoor Publication
Copyright 1994 ($14.95 144 pages, softcover)

Order through Leisure Arts
Leisure Arts, Inc.
5701 Ranch Drive
Little Rock, AR 72212
(501) 868-8800

**Crochet Collection is a hands-down winner!

**The instructions for the projects are clear and proceed step-by-step so that even a beginner should be able to easily complete the projects.

**Stitch Guides at end of Book passed the Test! They are clear and precise.

I'll start off by saying that Crochet Collection is a hands-down winner and a great addition to any crocheter's bookshelf!

If a crocheter had a need to do a variety of projects but could only choose one book from which to do them, Crochet Collection would certainly be in the running for the number one position. This book is loaded with projects (I counted sixty-seven) and has plenty of options for those who crochet in thread, yarn, and even fabric.

Yet, poor instructions and mistakes in instructions can ruin even the best of books, so I sat down and tried out a number of the designs to discover if Crochet Collection contains any such flaws.

Of the projects I tried, I did not find a single error! Also, the instructions for the projects are clear and proceed step-by-step so that even a beginner should be able to easily complete the projects.

Crochet Collection contains color photos of all the finished projects so that the crocheter can easily browse through the book and make an informed choice, finding appropriate projects to best match a particular want or need.

Another useful and welcoming feature of Crochet Collection is the basic stitch guide, stitching tips, and finishing instructions printed at the end of the book. I followed through some of these instructions and found them clear and precise. I was especially happy to see tips on preparing and joining fabric strips for making some of the book's fabric crochet projects. Other interesting tips include making pillow forms, fringe, and tassels.

**I only have one minor complaint about Crochet Collection. Since the binding of the book is constructed like an oversized trade paperback, it does not, when laying open, remain nearly as flat as I would prefer for easier working on the projects. ***[A couple of the introductory pages fell out after only very moderate handling. (I promptly repaired them.) It would be useful a binding that would allow the book to lay flat without also abusing the binding. However, if doing so would cause a major difference in cost, I would be very happy to let the book remain just as it is rather than at an increase in cost, the cost of $14.95 being very reasonable for the abundance of the contents alone.

Overall, Crochet Collection is wonderful! I am still excited about this book and plan on doing and redoing any number of designs in it. I expect this book to be rather well-worn by the time I am done with it.

Reviewed for Crochet Partners by Bekki Lyn 5/96 Posted 7/96