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THE FILET CROCHET BOOK----Review by Sherry Kappel
More Than 100 Beautiful Projects to Make
with This Traditional Easy Technique
by Chris Rankin/Intro by Nola Theiss
A Sterling/Lark Book ($21.95)

This well-done book points out some creative ways in which filet crochet can be used to decorate your home, adorning your tables, windows, linens, and shelving (!).

Some choice patterns are:

  • ---coordinated edgings for a nursery in stars, moon and clouds;
  • ---various motifs for edging kitchen shelving;
  • ---round table covers;
  • ---beautiful full, half and quarter-length windows panels;
  • ---pillows & table runner;
  • ---outdoor patio tablecloth done in white cotton, "striped" in yellow, green, blue and mauve;
  • ---tote bags; hem edging designs; placemats and doilies.

    This is another must have a-look-see-book!####

    Reviewed by Sherry Kappel for Crochet Partners 4/96 (