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Designed by Sandra Miller Maxfield and Susie Spier Maxfield
Annie's Attic 1996
5.95 plus postage (Ordering info below)

Sixteen-inch Katina is a porcelain-look doll that has suddenly had her wardrobe expanded by seven irresistible yarn outfits. No one will be able to resist the sailor dress, the bibs, the pantsuit or the dress with a matching bonnet. Matching socks and shoes are included for each outfit.

I read the instructions carefully, and it seems that none has to be sewn shut, quite the opposite in fact. So, little girls can spend hours changing Katina from one stunning outfit to another. They use worsted weight yarn and usually an 'I' hook, so even smaller hands can begin to practice making clothes for her special doll.

I highly recommend this book for any owner of a 16-in doll or simply for anyone who knows someone who would love for her doll to have some absolutely irresistible clothing.

Reviewed by Debi Patron ( for Crochet Partners and Posted 2/97

Ordering info: Call Annie's Attic to order or request a catalog. Their numer is 1-800 582-6643.