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LADIES OF FASHION" DOLL CLOTHES---Review by Merryann Palmer
The Needlecraft Shop
23 Old Pecan Road
Big Sandy, TX 75755
To Order call: 1-903-636-4000
This review covers Hanna's Venetian Gown' and 'Suzette's Ball Gown,'. two patterns in this series. Each pattern costs $4.95 price

MP's Pattern Difficult Rating: I would classify these as intermediate skill patterns

I am very pleased with these patterns, in general. The gowns are beautiful. The
pamphlets are classy, with detailed photos of the front and back of the doll's gown..

If you are familiar with Annie's Attic's Bed Doll series, you already have an idea of how the skirt foundations are created. They are basically a pillow made to hold the doll and to give the skirt its shape. Depending on how you want your finished doll to look, you might try using hoops or netting to hold the skirt out.

'Suzette's Ball Gown,' has a skirt that is a full 10 inches in diameter. You might just want to use the pillow format. That's a lot of thread to hold in shape!


Rather than showing the materials in a listing, they are listed in paragraph format and do not follow any specific pattern. That format caused me to scratch my head for a couple of minutes until I figured out where each item began and ended.

In Suzette's pattern, for example, the thread list is separated from the sewing needles by hair spray, which is in turn separated from the bobby pins by several items. . I think they could improve this area by using a different format --such as grouping like items with like items


The pattern instructions themselves are fairly easy to understand. However, if you have a problem reading patterns without charts, they are not for you.

The patterns instructions would be easier to follow if there was a diagram of the dress with each piece defined. For instance, for Suzette's dress the diagrams only show placement for the small fan, short scroll, rose, long skirt flounce,short skirt flounce, medium fan,large fan, and long scroll. Suzette's dress still has a has a train ruffle, side ruffle, neck ruffle, neck flounce, belt, bow, large rose, medium rose, small rose, and flat flower to place. [Their placement isn't covered until the finishing section-- and you will have to take a close look at the pictures to get them in the right places.


Hanna's gown is much simpler than Suzette's, but it has its own charm - a puffy over skirt that blouses out in the back & is shaped with the help of some netting inside. She also has a darling little snood for her hair.

Also, don't forget that the color schemes shown in any pattern are not set in stone. Although I think that Hannah's dusty rose and white is perfect, I don't think I would choose a yellow to trim Suzette's combination of dark & pale blue and white.

In closing, the patterns are worth the $4.95 price - or better yet - join the 'club' and get a discount. The gowns are completely different from those that Annie's Attic is putting out, so there should be no duplication. The finished product will be one that you and/or your daughters/granddaughters will enjoy for years.

Just remember that these are not gowns for playing with - they are for looking at.

That's all for now. I have to go make 2 of the Suzette gowns for a friend of mine who collects Barbies!
Reviewed for Crochet Partners by Merryann Palmer 5/96