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House of White Birches #101057 (see below for Ordering Info)
Various Designers 26 pages 1996

Remember Grandma's exquisite designs done in thread? Want to make a copy of the doily that Uncle Fred spilled Kool-Aid on, but afraid to handle it lest it come apart? Well, this booklet with its 20-plus designs written in today's terminology, may be the place to start. No need to worry what strange stitch is called for, or where you can find a thread from a publication published 75 years ago. This boooklet is full of yesterday's items for today's crocheter.

A doily with a variegated butterfly edging, table runners made out of individual motifs, and darling, fragile-looking pillow tops all speak of days gone by when thread was the medium and patterns were not written down. Color photos only enhance the beauty of each individual item.

I highly recommend this booklet for those who cherish items from bygone days. The variety of projects and their easy-to-understand instructions will have you filling your home with items just like Grandma made. The best part is that no one has to know it is not an antique!

Reviewed by Debi Patron ( for Crochet Partners and posted 2/97

Ordering Info: Call HOWB 1-800-347-9887, 8am - 5pm EST for a catalog or to order this pamphlet. Sorry. We weren't given the price for this pamphlet.