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OVEN LOVIN' POT HOLDERS Reviewed by Debi Patron
17 Handy Potholders to Brighten your Kitchen
House of White Birches #10158.
Designs by Women of Design.

Want dress up your kitchen or give an unusual house-warming gift? Well, this booklet may be just what you are looking for! Some of the best: watermelon slice, teapot, a house, an angel. I cannot wait to make these for birthdays and Mother's Day.

As for criticism of this booklet: the colors. The chocolate chips on the chocolate chip cookie are pale. My husband said it looked like a burned flour tortilla. Maybe in different colors the designs would look better, but since crocheters are such creative people, I have no doubt that experimentation will find the solution. A definite must-have for pot-holders lovers.

Reviewed for Crochet Partners by Debi Patron 1/97