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Reviewed by Lorna Halnan

Designed by Jean Leinhauser, Becky Stevens & Kathy Wesley
American School of Needlework
21 page book $6.95

  • A recommended buy

Crocheted tote bags are all the rage now and this pattern book is one of the best.

The **best** thing about this book is that it shows each of eight designs in three different colors/color combinations.

For example the Jaunty Shells when done in bright fuchsia, yellow, turquoise, orange and lime green, it looks **fun**, but when done in a solid color it looks more *classic*.

4-ply worsted weight 100% cotton is used for the totes in the book. They suggest either Lily, Sugar 'n Cream or Bernat Handicrafter, but any worsted weight cotton can be used.

A bit about each tote:

1. Stylish Shells - 16 *" tall x 12 *" wide, closely worked shell pattern with a drawstring at the top and also a strap. This tote is a round bag-shaped tote.

2. In Vogue &endash; 12" tall x 11" wide, uses single, half-double and double crochet. The dc's make an interesting cross stitch pattern. This tote has a one-button flap closure and is oval in shape.

3. Jaunty Shells &endash; 12 *" tall x 10 *" wide, the bottom half is oval and composed of shells, that when worked in different colors, creates a wavy pattern. The upper half is single crochet and a nice wide strap.

4. Little Dashing Drawstring &endash; 10" tall x 8" wide, worked in single and double crochet. This tote is a small round-shaped bag.

5. In Bloom &endash; 17" tall x 12" wide, flower motifs form the bottom half of this large tote. It is finished with rounds of single crochet and a strap.

6. Mini Duffle &endash; 17" tall x 14" wide, made mainly with double crochet, but also uses a Forked Cluster stitch. This duffle-shaped tote has a drawstring at the top and a carrying strap on the side.

7. Casual Chic - 14" tall x 10" wide, done in a close mesh-type pattern with double crochet groups. Rectangular in shape with a strap at the top.

8. Bands of Beads &endash; 20" tall x 15" wide, made mainly of single and half-double crochet, with a row of double crochet and a bead every other stitch on each fifth row. It takes 378 beads to make this very tall tote.

The amount of cotton needed for each tote is listed in ounces, yards and grams. Great for those who are mathematically-challenged (like me!) so as not to have to do the conversion if your cotton yarn only lists grams on the label.

Instructions for an optional lining accompanies each pattern. It gives you the dimensions for the fabric pieces and then step-by-step instructions to complete the lining.

Included in the front along with the abbreviations and symbols chart is another chart noting the United States terminology and the English equivalents, a nice feature for our friends across the sea or those who are used to using English terms.

The colors used and the photo-graphy is very well done on this pattern book.

Hey, I even liked the font they used for the titles of all of the totes, very fun-looking.

I just bought enough cotton to make two more totes!!!

Reviewed by Lorna Halnan ( ) for Crochet Partners Posted 9/98

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