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CHRISTMAS VILLAGE by Wilma Bonner 1995 #2493,
A Suzanne Mc Neil Design Original
2425 Cullen Street, Fort Worth TX 76107
Purchased through the HoWB catalog for $5.95 +s&h

Ever want one of those exquisite Christmas villages or a small town to put on a shelf, but were afraid it might break? Well, Wilma Bonner has solved your problem. She has created seven buildings out of thread, styrofoam, pearls and fabric stiffener, which include a mill, a Queen Anne Mansion, and a church. A birdbath and trees lend a small-town feel. This booklet is part of the Just Follow Me series by the publisher. It comes with step-by step stiffening and finishing instructions so that your village will look just like the one on the cover. It even has a pictures to guide you through the process. Diagrams show the correct shape to cut the styrofoam models which are removed after stiffening. Sizes range from 6 1/2 inches to 10 inches for the church with its steeple.

Recommended in size 10 white cotton thread, I am sure that done in different colors, it would be just as exquisite, and give you more variety, multiplying the possible number of pieces, which is what I plan to do.

Reviewed for Crochet Partners by Debi Patron January 1997