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CHRISTMAS IN WONDERLAND---------Reviewed by J. Barrett
Published by The Needlecraft Shop
To Order call: 1-903-636-4000

NOTE: This is a multi-craft book. J. summarizes all the crochet patterns, but she also says " I want more crochet patterns."
When I first got this book I fell in love with the angel on the front cover. She's shown with hair and pearls for a halo and flower motifs with more pearl beads around the bottom. She's a tree top angel or countertop centerpiece. (One year, I made my mother 25 angels to put on her angel-only Xmas tree. I think I can adapt the pattern on the cover to fit on her tree. )

However, The angel was a bit too big of a project for me to make up that night, so I scanned through the book to find something quicker!

The really great thing about this book is the way the patterns are written. All the technical information that you need to know is in the margins in a colored border. The margin notes show the level of expertise, size of finished product, materials, and gauge. I find it easier to find just what it is I want to make and the tech info helps me figure out if I can make something without going shopping first.

More specifics about the patterns: The small ornaments have beads in them, really making them look authentic as Victorian crafts. The bells shown have shapes unlike any I've seen- a more defined shape. The silhouettes of an angel, star and wreath appear to be quick projects. Yes, there are doily motif type patterns for the holidays too and an 8" doll Xmas dress.

My favorite pattern is the Xmas tree--the branches are so delicate-looking with all the picots. As soon as I have a free moment, it will be the first thing I make. There are also "house things" like the ice medallion pot holder or trivet, and snowman kitchen accessories.

Another favorite of mine is the holly berry afghan. It appears to be diamond shaped with alternating lacy and solid designs. It's done as a one piece afghan with berries in the corners. This will be another one I will be attempting to do.

For the baby, there are several Xmas booties to make, a set of coveralls using red and white stripes on the sleeves, slippers, a snowflake for the little girls hair, and neck wraps for the kids.

There are a lot of plastic canvas and counted cross stitch patterns in this book, but there are also crocheted items in most of the categories. Here are a list of categories in this book: favorite ornaments, a joyous welcome, hark! The herald angels sing, sweet memories, snow is glistening, dreaming by the fire, joy to the world, silver and gold, quick as a wink gifts and a section on stitching.

All the crochet projects I've summarized are the only ones in the book. I want more crochet patterns but as this is a 'Christmas Wonderland' general craft book---it is a good book at a reasonable price.

Reviewed by J. Barrett ( for Crochet Partners.