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Shefog's Workroom



I made a baby afghan in March 97 for youngest niece, Emily. Afghans aren't my favorite items to make, nor do I really enjoy working with yarn. Thus, I wanted something that would work up quickly, but still offer some of the things I like about working with thread.


How I made it:
For the "Crocheted Fabric" I used two strands of sportweight weight yarn held together and an "K" hook. I used a very simple stitches. (explained below)

Once I'd made the fabric I began making a bunch of crocheted appliques to sew on. I used a varigated yarn for theedging.

To make the appliques, I used scraps of sport weight yarn, worsted, or double strands of cotton #10 trhread. I worked some of them up from memory--like the roses and fiddled with other designs. But I also used ASN's 101 Thread Crochet Embellishments.

Designer Delsie Rhoades went wild when she put together this book! I highly recommended it. I've spent hours looking through it, thinking of ways I could use the patterns


**The V st is a dc+ch 1+ dc all in same st or space. The 3dc set is 3dcs all in the same space or st. On the next row you make a V st in the ch-1 space from preceding row and a 3dc set in the 2nd dc of the 3dc set.)




I made this pillow using one motif from a tablecloth pattern from the 1940-50's era. The pattern calls for cotton #10 thread (or smaller). However, I used Lustersheen (sport weight) and a larger hook. I added a simple edgding.


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