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Granny's Beaded Coin Purse

by Shirley Guess (c) 1998

Please don't copy the picture without permission. Thanks! Sg

Essentially this is a type of granny square with beads added. You can use any square motif with beads

Beaded Purse (Square_

Pictured in actual size

Size #10 crochet cotton
Size #7 Steel Crochet Hook
Size 9/0 seed beads, about 1/2 hank
Beading needle

When you crochet with beads they fall through to the wrong side of your work. Just turn it over when you're done and it becomes the right side!

Using beading needle, thread on about 100 beads to start. (If you string on too many to start with they can tangle your work)


Then use whatever type of square motif pattern or idea you have.

I didn't write this pattern up as I went along. Sorry

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