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Shefog's Workroom

Marina's Halter Top with Appliques


Marina Full View 33k

When I out found my pal Betsy (aka Queen Bee) was taking her young daughter to sunny Palm Springs (CA), I knew I couldn't let her go without a halter top from me. So, I got to work and made 6-month old Marina a colorful top brandishing a huge flower and bumble bee.

Here's Marina modeling her brand new top.
She's obviously not afraid of her bumble bee!


Here's a close up of Marina's new halter.

She has a cute little tummy, huh?


Close Up 33K

I used Lily's Kable Kotton (3-ply sport weight) for the pink top. I used some other stuff I had on hand for the trim, straps and ruffles. The over-sized blossom was made using Pearl Cotton #5 and a pattern from ASN's 101 Embellishment
After fiddling around a little, I made up my own three dimensional bumble bee.


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