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Shefog's Workroom---Rae's Purse

Made with #10 thread, this purse is decorated with 6mm faux pearls, #11 gold seed beads, and 6 mm genuine amethst beads.

The faux pearls were crocheted directly into the purse in a ripple design. The gold and amethst beads were sewn on to the finished purse. (see below purse for more description of how this purse was made)

Rae's Purse

I made this purse from the top down, starting with a set of shells and then a row of open stitches for the cord. After that I worked several rows of a plain ripple stitch before I began crocheting ripple stitches with beads. I used a double crochet throughout most of the purse. I ran a couple of rows of scs at the bottom to close the purse.

For a close up of the beaded stitch click here.

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