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Lee was featured at the Crochet Partners Web Site in November 1997

NOTE: This feature has a number of pictures. To save download time some of them appear on a second page. There is a link at the bottom of page to get there.

Crochet Partners Honors


Crochet Artist, Innovator, Web Designer & Mother


I liked LEE MATHEWSON the very first time I met her, on-line, almost two years ago. She has one of those personalities that glows with friendliness, energy, wit, & drive. I've had my eye on her ever since.

Several years ago, Lee decided to resign her professional job in the Library Sciences in order to stay at home to raise her two sons, Brett and Behn. For a single parent, this was a big step. Seemingly undaunted, she began to concentrate on ways she could earn a living while working at home.

BUSINESS WOMAN: Starting with her love for crochet and an entrepreneurial spirit, Lee recreated herself into a business woman with an on-line business, called Hugg'ems. (Bookmark Lee's URL )

CandyShe began taking orders for her one-of-a-kind crocheted dolls.

In the beginning, she had one or two Hugg'ems at her store to show as samples. Now she has dozens of them.


"The Gals"

Not content with merely marketing the dolls at her store, she's branched out to towel toppers, kits, and--her newest invention--crocheted Cacti Gardens.

You can see pictures of these on the next page. (The price range for all of her Hugg'em products range from $22(US)/$24(Can), plus postage, for Kits to $40(US)/$50(Can), plus postage, for finished Hugg'em dolls)

DESIGNER: Lee's been bitten by the crochet design bug in a bad way!

I asked her recently how much time she spent designing. "I could design ALL Day," she answered. "I just don't have enough time to make them!

It's too bad that publishers require samples of the actual crocheted item. If they didn't, Lee would probably have enough designs to fill our bookcases<G>

CandyHer most recent sale was to Harris publications. She sent in 5 potholder designs and they bought all of them!

Lee is the type of person who approaches each new learning experience systematically. For instance, she is quite organized about the way she submits designs. She makes sure she has a number of designs out for consideration. Between designing, taking care of her sons, and running her on-line businesses, she studies crochet publications. She watches trends and other factors that effect her design career.

A LITTLE CP HISTORY: In the early days of Crochet Partners a number of our Partners didn't have Full Internet Access-- they could only receive and send email. That meant that they couldn't read our book reviews nor pick up the free patterns posted on-line!Even though she was fairly new to the net like many of us, Lee jumped right in and offered her help. She became CP's Web Courier Service. She picked up items for Partners and sent them via email.

Later, she told me that her father was impressed because her name and title appeared prominently at the CP web site. She had a presence on the internet. I wonder what he thinks about his daughter now <G> He couldn't be half as proud of her as we are at Crochet Partners!

Shirley Guess (c) November 1997

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(The address was correct at the time it was posted. If it is now incorrect, please check one of the fine internet search engines for an updated address.)

More Pictures

Look at more pictures of more of Lee's Hugg'ems.

Visit the Hugg'ems store and order a kit or a doll.

Look at Lee's Splendid Holiday Wall Hanging and pick up the Free Pattern at CP's Pattern library.

Visit Lee's personal home page, Lee's World, and pick up some of her free patterns. (Bookmark the URL

Lee also has an on-line web design service called Web Creations. She's willing to negotiate charges for her fellow crafters. To find out more, check her site


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