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March 1997(c)


Design by Meri Abrams (c) 1997

Photo posted with Designer's permission.


Meri Abrams designed this cutie outfit when a friend was looking for Kewpie Doll Patterns. Meri has ideas for creating a whole series of outfits for these cute 4" dolls.


Meri Abrams has been such an active CP member that I honestly don't know how she has time to crochet---let alone design patterns. She already has several designs published at the CP library. The button that appears on CP's home page was enhanced from a filet design she created. And.... she has plans to design a whole series of clothes for the Kewpie Doll pictured above.

At CP's web site, Meri is photo director at the pattern library. Her job has several steps: 1)recruit people to select a picture-less pattern from our library; 2)get them to commit to make an item (or items) and to take a picture of it; 3)provide them guidance on how to take the best picture for scanning; 4)follow up to get that photo to our scanning wizard, Bob Yanchuk and 5)keep tabs on people (including me) until we get those scans inserted in the pattern.

Something can go wrong any step of the way. Often people sign up for a pattern and then later decide the pattern doesn't suit them. They may be too embarrassed to get back to Meri. Or they take pictures that don't work very well when scanned. (I've done that myself. Because I'm a terrible photographer, I've tried to use polaroids. I did that against Meri's suggestions. She and Bob were right--they looked awful. I should have listened. <G> )

Not too long ago, Meri did some work on our Photo Album. When she came across something that looked right for this area, she contacted the crocheter got things moving.

Meri's also very much involved with the CP:) discussion group. She's involved with several exchanges and with #CPhook, CP's real-time chat group. She's the chanop-in-charge (head channel operator)--- in other words, one of the big wigs . She's a super PR agent for CP!

All this---and--- a day job too!<G> So, like I said, when does she have time to crochet? In her sleep? All her activity is making me tired. (whew!)

ssg (c) 97

11/97 Meri has since added something new to her cache of activities. She's the hosts an area for Counted Cross Stitch at the Mining Company.

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