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Designer's Bio:

Ranking only second to her family, Crochet is what CP Designer Mary Pignataro loves best.

Patrick, Mary's husband, and their son Dalton are the beneficiaries of much of her work. It's not surprising, then, that they encourage her love of crochet. (If we could understand Dog Talk, the Pignataro's two dogs might tell us that they also approve.)

In the Pignataro household, discovering an artistic avocation at an early age isn't at all unusual.

When Mary was merely eight year's old, she discovered her passion for crochet. Since learning the basics, her love has been a lasting one.

Dalton, the Pignataro's son, was only four year's old when he fell in love with Taekwondo. Very soon, Dalton's parents could tell that he was hooked. They knew he'd want to stay with it until he reached the black belt classification.

To Mary, crocheting is a natural expression of love. When Dalton's birthday was approaching Mary's creative mind and busy fingers got to work. What better way to honor Dalton's birthday -- and his new & lasting passion-- than by crocheting him his very own afghan using a Taekwondo theme.




Instead of running out to buy pattern or a kit, Mary decided it was time to design her own afghan.

I've made charted afghans before from kits. So, I thought, Why can't I do something with a martial arts graphic on my own.

Mary accomplished her goal with aplomb. It's a work of art, definitely worthy of being displayed on a wall

like a tapestry. But, Dalton won't let his afghan be pinned to the walled where only a few people could admire it.

Wherever we go, says Mary, Dalton takes his afghan with us to show everyone. He uses it every night on the couch and in bed.

Years from now, when Dalton has a black belt in Taekwondo and his afghan is finally beginning to show a little wear and tear, he'll be able to look at it and know of his mother's love and his parent's pride. Dalton is one lucky guy!

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