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Winter Wonderland Village

--- Reviewed by Debi Patron

Designed by Wilma Bonner

Annie's Attic, 1997. $5.95

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Wilma Bonner has done it again!

This time the thread buildings are made of size 20 thread with incredible gold accents. What really convinced me to purchase this pattern were the train and bridge. I just could not resist the idea of such exquisite buildings. It makes the town seem so much more complete.

Besides telling you how to shape each building, the instructions also tell you which companies make the gold accents that are shown on the cover. This information is wonderful, and something quite unexpected.

Cutting the Styrofoam is a bit tough and I tend to get a bit frustrated using the size 20

thread, but these houses are too incredible to pass up.

The instructions for both the crocheting and assembly seem easy and my only wish is to get these buildings to successfully match the other set created by this talented woman.

I have already raved about the other thread village, but I like this one even better. I plan to make every piece (which includes a square clock tower, a church, school, post office, emporium, and two houses) and have an old-fashioned village that is much more special than any ceramic one purchased in a store. If you like thread and love the look of a Christmas village, you must buy this pattern.

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Reviewed by Debi Patron for Crochet
1/98 Posted 3/98

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