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Shefog's Workroom

I thought it would be fun to use a thread edging pattern for a purse or sachet. For this little pink & blue pouch, I used edging #5 from ASN's 101 Crochet Edgings.

Using cotton #10 and pink glass beads size 10/0, I worked the pouch from the bottom up. As the edging is worked lengthwise, I chained up enough for the edging x 2. Then I only worked the edging on half the chain, leaving the remaining free.

After I'd finished the beaded edging, I joined the top of the edging to the beginning chain making a loop. (careful not to twist). Then I made a couple of rows of single crochet in blue, changing to pink on the 3rd rnd.

Work the rest of the piece in a tube. Sew the bottom closed above the edging. Make a chained rope to cinch the pouch close.

If you want to turn it into a purse, line it. I'm using mine as a sachet, filled with cotton---so it really doesn't require lining.


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March 98