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Shefog's Workroom (continued)

Theatre Organ Runner With Beads

Awhile back I featured my own work at the site. After working at the site for over a year, I realized I'd never shared any of my own stuff!

I made a theatre organ runner for a friend of mine who rebuilt a 'c 1920 theatre organ in his garage. I added beads and pearls. I've since added even more panels and beads. My pal and I suspect that the runner will just keep growing throughout the years.

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If you want to read a more in-depth story about the Theatre Organ, see CP's The Annex. Back issues of features and bookreviews are posted there. Go There

Hexagon Potholder with Bobbles and Spike Stitches My Own Design:

I was in the mood to make something intricate---but not something that would take months to make. I wasn't in the mood to make a doily, so I opted for a special potholder where I could try out several stitches.





Here's a close up of Bobbles.

For a bigger view of the potholder, click here.

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